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Christmas Tree IPM

Pests listed here are those which are most commonly observed in New York State, and any timing recommendations given may be applicable to NYS only, hovever, many of the pests listed may also be common to other states in the Northeast or throughout the United States.

As chemical control recommendations are constantly changing, no specific chemical controls will be listed here. Please refer to the current Pest Management Guide for Commercial Production and Maintenance of Trees and Shrubs, or contact your local Cooperative Extension Office for pesticide recommendations. Choose from among the following list of topics in our 'Pest Menu' below.

Allegany mound ant

Balsam twig aphid
Common pine shoot beetle

Cooley spruce gall adelgid
Eastern spruce gall adelgid
Eriophyid mite
European pine sawfly
Gypsy moth *
Pine needle scale
Pine root collar weevil
Pine tortoise scale
Saratoga spittlebug
Spruce spider mite
White pine weevil
Armillaria root rot
Coleosporium needle rust of pine
Cyclaneusma needlecast
Diplodia (Sphaeropsis) tip blight

Douglas Fir needlecasts
Fir fern rust
Lophodermium needlecast

Phytophthora root rot
Pine pine gall rust
Ploioderma needlecast

Rhabdocline needlecast

Scleroderris canker

Swiss needlecast

Weir's cushion rust
White pine blister rust
FACTSHEET PHOTOS: Many of the photos were taken by our department photographer Kent Loeffler. See the Plant Pathology Photo Lab web site for more details.

Additional information concerning exotic pests, can be obtained from the NAPIS (National Agricultural Pest Information System) Pest Tracker and CAPS (Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey) web sites.

Information concerning the Branching Out Newsletter, a resource for NYS arborists and other tree care professionals, can be found at: